How much will it cost?

I cannot offer you the lowest price and cannot compete on price with the average inspectors putting half as much time or less into the job, but I do strive to provide you with the best value. I strongly recommend that you choose your inspector carefully. Saving a little money on your inspection can be a very expensive mistake. Choose the home inspector with a lifetime of construction experience, dedication to the client, and a resume that makes other home inspectors envious. I honestly believe that I am your best choice throughout San Diego County.

Single Family Homes: My pricing is simple and straightforward: For homes built since 1990, there is a $200 base fee plus 30 cents per square foot. A 1000 square foot house is $500. This is also my minimum fee for a single family home. (Condo's can be as low as $390 - see below) The price rises $10 for each additional 33 square feet or $100 for each 333 square feet. (I round all prices to the nearest $10.) A 1500 square foot house is $650 and a 2000 square foot home is $800 for example. A home that is twice as large will take me at least twice as long and that is simply reflected in the price. It is inconceivable to me that buyers of large and typically expensive homes would except the attitude of too many inspectors that they only check a sampling of the space, the windows, the doors etc. You deserve a full inspection and that is what you will get with me. (See notes below for older homes, and homes with raised foundations.

Most home inspectors charge less than I do and some of them a lot less. The bigger the difference in price the more cautious you need to be. Bargain inspectors are no bargain when they miss or misunderstand the importance of deficiencies in the home. I have seen far too many incredibly bad reports being done by too many low priced inspectors to have any illusions about their quality or ability. It is beyond my understanding how it could be worthwhile to take the risk to save few hundered dollers now when you consider the potential expense, aggravation and disruption in your life that is possible from a poorly done inspection. The average inspector spends half the time I will on an inspection and there is simply no way I can compete on price. Some inspectors are doing three times as many inspections as I scedule in a week and are making a lot more many than I am. What I offer is the best inspection on the market. I will give you the best value, but I can't give you the cheap price. 

Condos: Condos get a $30 off if there is no roof to inspect; $20 more off if there is no attic to inspect; and $20 more if there is no garage to inspect. ($70 total) Condos over 2000 square feet with no garage, roof or attic, get 10% off. 

Older Homes: Older homes take much more time and experience and you will be charged 10% extra for any older home built between 1970 to 1989; 20% extra for an older home built between 1950 and 1969; 30% extra if built between 1930 and 1949; 40% extra if built between 1910 and 1929; and 50% extra if older than 1910. You need to appreciate that an older home built during the 1920’s will typically take twice as long as a recently built home and that this will only partly compensate for the extra time. I lived in an older home built during the 1920’s for two decades and live in a neighborhood of older homes in the heart of San Diego. A large portion of my business involves older home inspections. I am considered an expert in this area and have taught other inspectors on the unique aspects of inspecting older homes. I have been the featured speaker at state conferences teaching other inspectors about how to inspect crawl spaces that are typically found in older homes. You need to be very suspicious of any inspector who does not charge extra for an older home. I am shocked and dismayed whenever another inspector tells me they don’t need much extra time on these grand older homes. Clearly they aren’t doing the inspection that I feel should be done. 

Crawl Spaces: To inspect a crawl space under a house, I put on a full suit coverall and resporator and crawl around every accessible area inside the edge of the perimeter foundation and under all bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms and they add an hour or more of extra time to the inspection. I will charge you a minimum of $100.00 extra and this will increase if the crawl space is over 1000 sq. ft. at the rate of 10 cents per square foot. A 2000 square foor crawl space would be $200, etc. As mentioned previously, I have been the featured speaker at state conferences on this very subject and think you are unlikely to find anyone better to inspect a crawl space. You need to be extreemly suspicious of any inspector who does not charge extra for this difficult and critical work and should never accept an inspection without full examination of the crawl space. (An unfinished basement will be charged at the same rate. A finished basement is charged at the same rate as a home.) 

Swimming Pools: You have a choice when it comes to inspecting pools. I can do a competent but limited inspection for you and will charge you $200.00 extra. However, there is a gentleman in town that specializes in the inspection of pools only. He does an excellent job and much more in-depth inspection and I recommend him to all of my clients. His name is Rick English and you can find out more about his services at Rick does an amazing job but his pricing starts at $600 for the pool inspection. 

Apartments: The pricing for inspections of apartment buildings is influenced by the same factors as single family homes such as size, age and crawl spaces but due to several variables it is best to call me directly at 619-283-1123 for a price. 

Commercial Buildings: The price for a commercial building will depend on the occupancy and several other variables. Call me directly at 619-283-1123